MOBILISE First Training School on Digitization and Data Management of Collections!

The European MOBILISE COST Action sets out "to foster a cooperative network in Europe to support excellent research activities, and facilitate knowledge and technology transfer around natural science collections." As part of their efforts to prepare for the funding and implementation of DiSSCo, they are setting up their first First Training School on Digitization and Data Management of Collections!

MOBILISE meeting on Authority Management of People Names

People need credit for the work they do to make collections and collections data a reality. To do this well, our biocollections community needs robust standards and methods to support this information. Many will reap the benefits of such tracking including those collecting, geoereferencing, and identifying specimens, and those capturing data. To see one example of the benefits of being able to tell who did what to which specimen, have a look at bloodhound.shorthouse.net.

iDigBio at SPNHC 2019: Making the Case for Natural History Collections

The SPNHC 2019 theme: Making the Case for Natural History Collections offers everyone a chance to share the value of collections for society and science. iDigBio staff look forward to contributing to this story and visiting the Field Museum who are hosting this year's SPNHC meeting.

Some of the events iDigBio is organizing or participating in include:

iDigBio in The Digital Future of Entomology - Symposium and Panel at Eastern EntSoc 2019

Digitization of collections provides opportunities to enhance the use of the collections and collections data, discover holdings previously unknown, and influence future standards of practice in the collection and research communities. In this symposium and panel session titled: The Digital Future of Entomology, speakers and panelists seek to share lessons learned, and current trends from digitizing insect collections.

Darwin Core Hour: An Attribution Darwin Core Extension - What Would That Look Like?

UPDATE: Recording and Slides available at the following links.

Recording (Adobe Connect)

Recording (mp4 on Vimeo)


Title: An Attribution Darwin Core Extension - What Would That Look Like?

Date: Monday, 29 October 2018

Research Spotlight: July 2018

Digital Coyote; an online archive of skulls

Contributed by: Osrica Mclean and Declan McCabe

How can you provide an authentic opportunity for undergraduate students to study geographical variation without hauling them to major metropolitan museums and arranging access to valuable specimens?  This question started a slightly obsessive odyssey that began with a single coyote skull and now stands at 125 skulls….and counting.

Sharing Strategies for Mobilizing Collections in South America - iDigBio at the XXXII Brazilian Congress of Zoology (CBZ)

Contributed by Ana Dal Molin, INCT-Hympar/CAPES postdoctoral fellow at Laboratório de Biodiversidade de Insetos, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo. All images from Ana Dal Molin


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