TCN Progress Reports to iDigBio


Prior to each IAC meeting, TCNs are asked to complete a quarterly progress report in the following areas:

  • Progress in Digitization Efforts
  • Best Practices, Standards, and Lessons Learned
  • Identified Gaps in Digitization Areas and Technology
  • Opportunities to Enhance Training Efforts
  • Collaborations with other TCNs, Institutions, and/or Organizations
  • Opportunities and Strategies for Sustainability
  • Education, Outreach, Diversity, & Inclusion (EODI) Activities
  • Information About Your Website and/or Portal Usage
  • Other Activities and/or Progress

The TCN Lead PI or Project Manager collects information from all collaborators and compiles them into one overall progress report for the TCN. The TCN Lead PI or Project Manager then submits the quarterly reports via an email to Cat Chapman. iDigBio maintains an archive of previously submitted reports is available on the IAC wiki page.

We have created a template for the reports that TCN Lead PIs or Project Managers are welcome to use. This link will prompt you to make a copy of the template document to your own Google Drive account, where you may fill it out with the required information before sending it to us. If you do not have a Google Drive account, or do not wish to use it, you may use this link to access the template for downloading to your PC (after accessing the link, click File, then Download, and choose your desired filetype, preferably .docx).

You may contact Cat Chapman for further information about report submission using her contact page.