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Biodiversity research is a constantly evolving field of science, and scientists are continuously looking for knowledge and skills for the analysis of biocollections data to advance the understanding of the natural world.  iDigBio can offer professional training opportunities through workshops, webinars and conferences. Here we outline some tutorials and workshop lessons and webinars already available that you might find useful for biodiversity data research.

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For K-12 ideas, try the iDigBio Education pages.

Using the iDigBio Portal, API and biocollections data


Basic research computing skills

  • Software Carpentry lessons are freely available on GitHub
    • Using databases and SQL
    • Programming with Python or R
  • Data Carpentry lessons are freely available on GitHub. Domain specific, teaching researchers the skills most relevant to Ecology, Genomics, Geospatial analysis and Biology.
    • Data cleaning
    • Data management
    • Data visualization