Principal Investigators

Dr. Gil Nelson

Director of iDigBio
Florida Museum of Natural History

Responsible for overall project management, oversight of the national resource activities, and implementation of the strategic plan, including assurance that the digitization, research and educational missions of the national resource are integrated and accomplished.
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Dr. Libby Ellwood

iDigBio Director for Education, Outreach, Diversity, & Inclusion and Global Collaborations
Florida Museum of Natural History

Oversight of education, outreach, diversity, inclusion, and global collaboration activities and their assessment at iDigBio, the TCNs, and other digitization projects involving biodiversity collections.
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Dr. José Fortes

Director, Advanced Computing and Information Systems (ACIS) Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida

Oversight of data integration, support for computational needs and assessment of new technologies and programs to facilitate digitization efforts including directing the development of "appliances" to facilitate digitization and the development of cloud storage capabilities.
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Dr. Nico Franz

iDigBio Director for Symbiota Support Hub
Professor and Biocollections Director at Arizona State University

Manages the Symbiota Support Hub team of biodiversity data scientists at Arizona State University, with the goal of providing reliable, scalable, innovative, and equitable data publication services to iDigBio collections communities.
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Dr. Austin Mast

iDigBio Director for Digitization & Workforce Development
Director of the Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium at Florida State University

Oversight of data integration, support for computational needs, and assessment of new technologies to facilitate digitization efforts in the community.
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Dr. Pamela Soltis

iDigBio Director for Facilitating Research
Distinguished Professor, University of Florida, and Curator, Florida Museum of Natural History

Liaison to the scientific community and coordination of scientific research activities and needs identified by the collections community with iDigBio and TCN activities.
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