iDigBio's Train the Trainers Georeferencing Update

The First iDigBio Train-the-Trainers Georeferencing Workshop is well into Day 4 now! Day one, participants and instructors met iDigBio PI Pam Soltis, Project Manager David Jennings, Biodiversity Informatics Manager Joanna McCaffrey, Cathy Bester, iDigBio Program Assistant and Kevin Love, the iDigBio IT magician who keeps us all in touch with one another and connected to the internet. Shari Ellis, iDigBio Project Evaluator, shared results of the iDigBio Pre-Workshop Survey for this workshop with all the participants. Following this, each participant and/or representative from each TCN shared the overall objectives and scope of their georeferencing projects.

Our first day began with presentations that included the following: 

Introduction to Georeferencing

Thinking like a Trainer

Collaboration to Automation

Geographical Concepts

Point-Radius Method and Best Practices

Darwin Core Standard

Georeferencing Quick Reference Guide

Locality Types

Georeferencing Template

Georeferencing Calculator

Calculator Manual

Georeferencing Calculator Example and Exercises

and MaNIS/HerpNET/ORNIS Georeferencing Guidelines

We are keeping notes together as a collective mind at: if you'd like to see our thoughts on paper as we go. Day two, we met iDigBio Lead PI, Larry Page, to learn more about iDigBio and discuss the overall digitization efforts of the natural history collections community in general. After Larry's introduction, we delved into Internet Resources for georeferencing and then practiced by searching for different localities using these resources. After lunch we headed out to learn the nuances of using GPS units.

At the end of the day we were introduced to Georeferencing Using Paper Maps and got to use these skills on Wednesday to try find some tricky places in Costa Rica and South America.