Updates from the Beyond the Box Digitization Competition

Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Potential entrants to the Beyond the Box competition have been asking questions regarding rules and other specifics to the competition.  The Beyond the Box team have responded by creating a FAQ section on the website and sending out the following update:

Read the responses to questions posted on the frequently asked questions section of the competition website. Find out the answers to:

  • Whether or not specimens can be moved,
  • Stipulations on the use of prize money,
  • Clarification about on-site demonstrations,
  • and more!

The full list of FAQs can be searched using the search box in the upper right of the page.

Questions that are not already addressed can be submitted through the “ask a question” link.

A group has been established in LinkedIn where people are free to look for expertise or offer their own expertise to potential collaborators.

Finally, please consider sharing the excitement about the competition by following up on Twitter @BeyondtheBugBox or Like Beyond the Box on Facebook.