SPNHC 2013 – DemoCamp: Demonstration of iDigBio’s Specimen Data Portal

by Deb Paul


Demo Camp live demonstrations are a highlight of the annual SPNHC conferences. This year, iDigBio took this great opportunity to show the natural history collections community all we've accomplished in two years’ time. iDigBio Principal Investigator, Pam Soltis, stepped up to show off the iDigBio Data and Image Portal.



We were treated to a concise tutorial on the portal's enhanced Google-like search strategy and API. Pam's examples highlighted the connectivity of the data records to media records as well as links to maps and sources outside iDigBio:

We also learned a bit more about the current dataset coverage in the portal through the new data discovery visualization tools. iDigBio looks forward to Demo Camp next year in Cardiff, Wales and showing off the coming year's work. See you there!