Position Announcement: iDigBio Project Assistant

Mon, 2019-01-14 15:46 -- sellis

The National Center for Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (iDigBio), centered at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) and funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), is developing an integrated national infrastructure for digitization of biodiversity collections housed in U.S. institutions. The resource is providing access to information critical to scientific research and education, including that designed to understand biodiversity and societal consequences of global change and other environmental issues.
A Project Assistant will be hired to work with iDigBio leadership, management, and other staff to ensure efficient and effective completion of project goals and objectives. The Project Assistant will be responsible for day-to-day office operations; organization and logistics of workshops and working groups; coordination of meetings with internal and external review boards and committees; assisting personnel with preparations for annual reports and site reviews to determine the impact of the national resource; and performing other relevant tasks as requested by the project leadership and administration.

This position will be required to maintain content on iDigBio’s website, wiki, social media, and other web resources including, but not limited to: design, content editing, tag/category maintenance, hyperlink maintenance, news items, announcements, workshop/event content, calendar maintenance, and links to related information and/or projects.

Design and oversee the development of program brochures, posters, pamphlets, publications, and blog posts, including assistance with education, outreach, and diversity materials design, development, and advertising.

Workshop/conference planning and organization including logistics, participant tracking, meeting space coordination, travel coordination, catering coordination, conference/meeting agenda and program design, workshop budget tracking, reimbursement paperwork/processing, and writing/editing workshop reports and documentation.

Organize and schedule meetings of internal and external review boards and committees. Tasks include attending Steering Committee meetings, setup and operation of audio-visual equipment, recording meetings, refreshment procurement/setup, documenting meeting minutes, and distributing minutes to appropriate personnel.

Maintain professional and efficient day-to-day office operations including identification of office needs, tracking and responding to relevant issue tickets, responding to client requests, producing sponsor advertisements for iDigBio’s participation in national and international conferences and events, procurement of office supplies, mail pickup and distribution, and other paperwork processing as required.

Perform other relevant tasks as requested by project leadership and/or administration.

$40,000.00 annually, commensurate with education and experience.

Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field (e.g., biology, mass communication, graphic design, library sciences, etc.) with at least two years of professional experience.

Familiarity with information technology projects.
Experience with workshop/conference organization and conduct.
Familiarity with the use of biodiversity collections in research and education.
Experience with audio-visual technology, including audio-conferencing setup and operation.
Experience in writing/editing business reports, correspondence, and blog posts.
Experience with website content management systems and wiki.
Documented success with client interactions.
Experience with designing brochures, advertising, and/or other publications, especially in relation to the biological sciences.
Experience with development of program documents, reports, and/or handbooks.

Deadline January 28, 2019

To apply visit http://explore.jobs.ufl.edu/cw/en-us/job/509710/idigbio-project-assistant