Portal Updated with the v4 Code

The v4 release of iDigBio's Specimen Portal includes a number of upgraded features that add to its functionality and usability. The IT Team has worked hard to provide the ability to display and query georeferenced data, including latitude and longitude, maximum and minimum elevation, and depth ranges, within bounding boxes.
Other record-specific data that can now be accessed includes: date collected, record and occurrence IDs, and, for paleontologists, earliest and latest Paleozoic period.
Many of these new features were reported as desired functionality in our recent community survey, reflecting that user expectations and iDigBio's deliverables are progressing along similar paths.
Please refer to the Release Notes below:
  • New “Images” results tab displaying all images associated with the search results with a fixed label.
  • New advanced search fields added including:
    • Kingdom, Phylum, Class
    • Date Collected Range
    • Minimum and Maximum Elevation Range
    • Minimum and Maximum Depth Range
    • Latitude / Longitude bounding box
    • Basis of Record, Type Status, Barcode Value
    • Record ID, Occurrence ID
    • Earliest Period, Latest Period
  • Advanced search field select box now categorizes the fields.
  • Added Query (i.e., search) history now has a “clear” button so a user can clear the history list.
  • Updated Publishers page has been reformatted to include API and search index record counts for all recordsets.
  • Each recordset has its own details page linked to the Publishers page. This page includes collection details including, but not limited to: description, contacts, and metrics of the recordset's data available in iDigBio's search index.
  • Specimen and Media view pages now contain the recordset (i.e., collection) info and contacts, which links to the new Recordset page.
  • Updated tutorial.
We are continually improving functionality and will issue updates as they occur.
Visit the portal at www.idigbio.org/portal