Job Opp @iDigBio with the Digitization/Workforce Training Team @FSU

UPDATE: The application process is closed, candidate review is underway.

UPDATE: There's still time - one week left to apply!

iDigBio is seeking a new team member for the Digitization and Workforce Development branch of the project. The group is located at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

If you would like to work with the natural science collections community to collaboratively develop, deliver, and support digitization, capacity, and community-building activities, please apply. Perhaps you have a unique discipline-specific background (e.g. ecology), but also experience with collections and professional development. Some facility with R or Python and wiki experience would also be useful as we do a lot of workshops and other outreach and events to increase data management/use skills in the collections, research, and related communities. Bring your vision to our team.

Help us continue, further develop, and enhance the work we do within the Advancing the Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) Program, an NSF-funded biocollections data mobilization initiative supporting biodiversity data use in scientific research, education, outreach, policy, agriculture, and industry.

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Go to
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search: 45273
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Salary: commensurate with education and experience beginning at $47,659

Contact for more information: Deborah Paul (, Digitization and Workforce Development Manager