Job Opening: Biodiversity Software Engineer

Arizona State University is hiring a part-time biodiversity software engineer. Inquiries to are welcome.

Complete details are available here:

The Arizona State University (ASU) School of Life Sciences and Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center (BioKIC) are seeking a Software Engineer to develop new services for the domain of biodiversity data management and publication. BioKIC is the leading developer and service provider for the Symbiota software platform (, which currently serves more than 1,700 natural history collections and 90 million specimen records through 50 specialized portals and user communities, with functions ranging from basic data management to global data aggregation. BioKIC directly interacts with a range of Symbiota clients including academic, governmental and private institutions. The Symbiota team at ASU includes a dynamic group of project managers, informaticians, and biocollections and community specialists. Due to an influx of development requests and funds, we are able to recruit an additional team member who will focus on designing and implementing new functional services for Symbiota, as requested by the greater user community or required by particular portal clients. This is an entry-level position and well-suited for candidates with a strong general or scientific software engineering training background and a desire to learn and contribute to an open source, rapidly growing, biodiversity data-focused software project. Candidates with diverse personal and professional backgrounds and experiences are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Software Engineer can be located in Tempe, Arizona, or work remotely.