FLMNH curators and iDigBio PIs presented a seminar to the UF Biology Department

presentation audience

Drs. Larry Page, Pamela Soltis and Bruce McFadden presented in turn at the Biology Department Seminar to present iDigBio. Dr. Page presented the reason for iDigBio to have come to existence and the big challenges that it is trying to tackle. He also emphasized the role of the TCNs and the high pace of the workshops that iDigBio is financing and organizing. Dr. Soltis presented the various research applications that iDigBio is envisioning, from climate change impact on ecosystems to landscape genetics, iDigBio is looking for input and feedback on how the data delivery can facilitate the use of digitized data for research. Also, the link to the genetic repositories online was emphasized. Lastly, Dr. McFadden talked about present and future educational outreach opportunities that the digitized data will enable. Both abroad, where the specimens were collected, to using citizen science and expertise at home to facilitate the digitization process, but also dissemination of knowledge that it will open up. All age groups, and professionals as well as amateurs were considered.

A recording of this seminar is here: https://www.idigbio.org/content/idigbio-overview-research-and-educationa...