Data Modeling Workshop Report

A workshop on data modeling took place at the East-West Center in Honolulu, March 24-25, 2014. The workshop immediately preceded the Biological Collections Digitization in the Pacific workshop and focused on data modeling and requirements for biodiversity information repositories.

One goal of the data modeling workshop was to consider data and service requirements for aggregators of biodiversity information. The participants wanted to develop a report identifying the needs of providers and consumers of biodiversity information generated from the workshop discussion. The report, “Needs of Providers and Consumers for Data Service” was created by Greg Riccardi, one of the five Principal Investigators for iDigBio, after the workshop.

The report includes discussion on some of the needs workshop participants identified for data providers such as:

  • data attribution
  • help with managing taxonomy
  • help with globally unique identifiers
  • and how aggregators can facilitate feedback between providers and consumers of data.

The report also identifies needs of consumers of biodiversity data which includes:

  • good global discovery services
  • taxonomic searches
  • the ability to assess data quality
  • and access to data cleaning services and data related tools


To read about these topics indepth go see the full workshop report.