ASU Job: Assistant Research Professional in Biodiversity Data Systems Administrator and Programmer

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Arizona State University: Office of the University Provost Tempe: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: School of Life Sciences Administration and Faculty

Location: Tempe, AZ

Open Date: Aug 30, 2021

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The Arizona State University School of Life Sciences and Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center (BioKIC) are seeking an Assistant Research Professional who will serve as the Biodiversity Data Systems Administrator and Programmer for the iDigBio Phase 3 project. iDigBio, the Integrated Digitized Biocollections, supports the National Science Foundation's Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections and related programs. The iDigBio Phase 3 project will extend from 2021-2026 to facilitate the digitization, use, and impact of biocollections data for more than 1,600 collections.

BioKIC will provide a Symbiota Support Hub serving all Thematic Collections Networks and portals that make use of the Symbiota software platform. The Hub will provide daily Symbiota support to hundreds of collections; implement novel Symbiota tools; promote cross-network collaborations and training; host and manage data networks and their associated images; and offer an entry into digitization and data publication for new iDigBio collections.

Prospective candidates with outside-of-domain backgrounds in systems administration and programming, are nevertheless strongly encouraged to apply. Our team is dynamic and communicative, with domain-specific strengths that match up well with members who have more generalized IT infrastructure management skills. This a full-time, academic-year (9 month), benefits eligible position allowing candidates to make themselves available for additional summer salary through other funded projects. Experience or a strong interest in developing innovative biodiversity informatics software and services, are highly sought but not required.

The Assistant Research Professional can be located in Tempe, Arizona, or work remotely.

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