Specimens Full Circle: Collection to Digitization to Data Use

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SPNHC Symposium Title: Specimens Full Circle - Collection to Digitization to Data Use

Symposium Wiki: https://www.idigbio.org/wiki/index.php/Specimens_Full_Circle_SPNHC_2015

Listen in and chat remotely: http://idigbio.adobeconnect.com/spnhc2015sfc (use headset for best experience)

Wednesday May 20th, 2015, all day 8:50am - 5: 30pm EDT and Thursday May 21st from 8:50am-12:10pm EDT.

Conveners: Dena Smith (University of Colorado), Vlad Blagoderov (Natural History Museum – London), Deborah Paul (iDigBio), that's dena.smith@Colorado.edu, vblago@gmail.com, dpaul@fsu.edu
on Twitter: @DenaSmithNufio @vblago @idbdeb


Novel field-collecting methods providing richer specimen data, maturing transcription and imaging techniques, and up-dated end-user interfaces are resulting in greater access to and use of specimen data for a variety of purposes. This has led to increasing use of museum specimen data for analysis and the development of visualization tools that facilitate research and support educational needs and outreach opportunities. As a collector, have you updated your field-collecting protocols? Do you map your field-collected data to current standards (like Darwin Core or Audubon Media)? Do you use hand-held devices and apps when collecting specimens? Or are you designing an app? Are you attaching globally unique identifiers in-the-field? As a collection manager, curator, technical assistant, informatics manager, programmer,…have you sped up transcription and imaging at your institution? Are you implementing novel methods for assuring data quality and fitness-for-research use? Have you incorporated crowd-sourcing and georeferencing into your digitization workflows? How are you incorporating digitization, social media, and use of specimen data into your education and outreach strategies? Have there been new research outputs and capabilities made possible by the changes you have made in your workflows? As a graduate student or current researcher do you have new research to share using specimen data? To all in the SPNHC community, please come show us what is working, what is still challenging, and what you’re accomplishing with specimen data.

iDigBio @ SPNHC 2015

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Start Date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 8:45am EDT to Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 12:15pm EDT
Hilton Hotel and FLMNH, Gainesville, Florida, USA