2023 Stakeholder Engagement Forum (formerly IAC)

Wed, 12/07/2022 - 3:37pm -- djennings

The Stakeholder Engagement Forum (formerly IAC) is open to all stakeholders of the national digitization effort, including iDigBio staff, Thematic Collections Network (TCN) staff, Partners to Existing Network (PEN) staff, National Science Foundation (NSF) representatives, and staff from other related digitization projects. We hope you will join us!

The Stakeholder Engagement Forum meets regularly to collaborate and discuss timely issues related to digitization, training, sustainability, EODI, and other topics.

2022 TCN Advisory Meetings (IAC)

Fri, 10/29/2021 - 11:12am -- djennings

TCN Advisory Meetings (IAC) are open to any and all staff from iDigBio, Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs), Partners to Existing Networks (PENs), National Science Foundation (NSF), and other related digitization projects. Participation from any or all TCN and PEN participants is welcomed and encouraged! Please send a delegate so that your TCN or PEN is represented.

2021 Internal Advisory Committee Meetings

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 6:14pm -- djennings

The Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) includes staff from iDigBio, Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs), Partners to Existing Networks (PENs), and NSF. The IAC meets regularly to report on progress in digitization efforts, share best practices and standards, identify gaps in digitization areas and technology, enhance training efforts, and report on collaborations.

NSF Awards Fifth Round of ADBC Grants to Enhance America's Biodiversity Collections

Fri, 08/21/2015 - 9:57am -- maphillips


Alex Kuhn (of the University of Illinois) instructs Patty Kaishian (of Syracuse University) on how to enter label data from microfungi specimens. Their work is part of the Microfungi Collections Consortium, funded through the ADBC program. Credit: Andrew N. Miller, Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois


Thematic Collections Networks

Tue, 10/04/2011 - 2:31pm -- acisadmin

Each Thematic Collections Network (TCN) is a network of institutions with a strategy for digitizing information that addresses a particular research theme, such as impacts of climate change or biota of a region. Once digitized, data are easily accessed and available for other research and educational use. Other institutions and collections may join an existing TCN as a Partner to Existing Network (PEN).

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