Summit 2014 Monday 9:am- 10:30am

Thu, 2014-10-30 09:51 -- aflemming
TitleSummit 2014 Monday 9:am- 10:30am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
Date Published10/2014
KeywordsSummit 2014
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Welcome and Orientation- David Jennings

Overview, Progress and Challenges- Larry Page

Research Coordination & Scientific Community Outreach- Pam Soltis

Education & Public Outreach- Bruce MacFadden

Optimization of Digitization Workflows & Processes- Gil Nelson

Cyberinfrastructure and Data- Jose Fortes

Great Lakes Invasives- Ken Cameron

SERNEC- Zack Murrell

InvertEbase- Petra Sierwald