Strategies for Vertebrate Digitization:Tuesday 3:15-6:00pm

TitleStrategies for Vertebrate Digitization:Tuesday 3:15-6:00pm
Publication TypeRecorded Presentation
Year of Publication2015
KeywordsStrategies for Vertebrate Digitization
Duration (Minutes)162
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3:00-3:20pm Explore your world: Non-invasive high resolution CT in research, outreach, and teaching- Mark Riccio

3:20-3:40pm CT Scanning of museum specimens in research: a case study- Amy McCune

3:40-4:00pm Specimen CT imaging/3D modeling at MCZ- Andy Williston

4:00-4:20pm Vertnet/GBIF- Carla Cicero

4:20- 4:40pm Getting your Data Out There: Data Publishing and Data Standards with iDigBio- Molly Phillips

4:40-5:00pm Global Genomic- Jon Coddington