SPNHC Demo Camp 1:30- 3:10 pm

TitleSPNHC Demo Camp 1:30- 3:10 pm
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2015
KeywordsSPNHC 2015, SPNHC Demo Camp
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1:30pm Lifemapper's Species Distribution Modelling Based on Idigbio Biocollections- Aimee Stewart et al.

1:50pm Smithsonian Transcription Center- Discovering Smithsonian Collections through Volunteer Transcription- Sylvia S. Ori, Patricia Gentil-Poole and Jessica Bird

2:10pm Global Registry of Biodiversity Repositories Function and Application- Adele E. Crane and David E. Schindel

2:30pm ARCTOS: A Collaborative Web-Based Collections Database and Management System- Mariel L Campbell et al.

2:50 Rapid Collection Inventories- Jason Best and Tiana Rehmann