SPNHC 2014: Progress in Digitization: Workflows in the cooperative IMLS Silurian Digitization project

TitleSPNHC 2014: Progress in Digitization: Workflows in the cooperative IMLS Silurian Digitization project
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBurke, Patricia Coorough, Caywood A., James M., Malueg E., and Miller D.
Keywordsdigitization, Field Museum, fossils, Milwaukee Public Museum, Silurian, SPNHC 2014, SPNHC 2014: Progress in Digitization, taxonomy, workflow
AbstractMilwaukee Public Museum (MPM) is implementing a three-year IMLS grant in conjunction with The Field Museum to digitize our Midwest Silurian collections and create a shared online database. The first workflow was between the institutions. The joint nature of the project required information exchange between museums. To coordinate a shared online database an effort was made to use shared vocabulary and Internal Record Numbers (IRN) for lithostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy and taxonomy data. Internal Records were generated at The Field Museum and shared with MPM. After the first large data export smaller updates have been made. MPM maintains a shared Google Drive spreadsheet with corrections and new data to be updated at The Field. Sharing data creates an error check point. The second workflow for the digitization project is within MPM. The collection is organized stratigraphically. The specimens all have a locality number but most do not have a unique specimen number. Workflow starts with data entry into KE EMu using specimen labels. Specimens without numbers are assigned the KE EMu Internal Record Number as specimen number. The photography station is divided into two parts, fossil photography and photo processing. The fossils are processed by drawers and include a photo of the drawer and photos of each fossil in the drawer. A batch process is used to convert the raw image to .dng, .tif and .jpeg formats. The .jpeg images are then associated with the KE EMu catalogue data and the .dng and .tif images are saved in MPM’s image repository.