SPNHC 2014 DemoCamp: Specify 7 for the Web, Specify Insight for the iPad, and other Novelties

TitleSPNHC 2014 DemoCamp: Specify 7 for the Web, Specify Insight for the iPad, and other Novelties
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBentley, Andrew, and Project Specify Software
KeywordsiPad, Specify 7, Specify Insight, Specify Web Portal, SPNHC 2014 DemoCamp, web application
Abstract The Specify 7 web application takes the robustness, power, and flexibility of the Specify thick client and moves them to the web browser. Specify 7, available now, addresses the need for individual collections and collaborative digitization projects to share hosted databases and make them web browser accessible with a trivial amount of software installation and management for the end user. Specify 7 uses the same database design as Specify 6 and can be run concurrently with thick client installations installed on Windows, Linux and MacOS X workstations. Specify 7, like Specify 6 is licensed and managed as an open source project; it utilizes Javascript, Python, Django, JQuery and Apache for software infrastructure. The Specify Project web site is located at: www.specifysoftware.org. Specify Insight for iPad (2+) distils the contents of a collection catalogue database into a data browsing and image discovery app. It highlights the holdings of a collection with gesture-based queries, maps and image browsing, and of course the traditional tabular display of collection object data. Specify Insight is an exceptional tool for curators, directors, institution presidents, provosts, and ministers of science to carry and showcase institutional holdings in settings and professional circles beyond the usual collections data channels. Specify Insight is written in Objective-C, open source licensed and obtainable from the Apple store. Other novelties to be demonstrated will include updated capabilities of the Specify Web Portal for publishing collections to the web, Specify image attachment handling, and other recent enhancements.