SPNHC 2014 DemoCamp: FP-DataEntry, a tool for bringing community knowledge into data transcription applications

TitleSPNHC 2014 DemoCamp: FP-DataEntry, a tool for bringing community knowledge into data transcription applications
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcCallum, Chuck, Morris Paul J., Hanken James, Kelly Maureen, Lowery David B., Ludaescher Bertram, Macklin James A., Morris Robert A., and Song Tianhong
Keywordsduplicate, FilteredPush (FP), FP-DataEntry, integration, server-side indexing, SPNHC 2014 DemoCamp
AbstractSimilar versions of botanical duplicate and paleontological locality records are often held in multiple natural science collections. In such cases, data quality and capture rates can be enhanced by access to pooled data at the point of data transcription. In the FilteredPush project, we have built a generic tool, FP-DataEntry, designed to integrate with existing web-based data transcription or data management applications. FP-DataEntry provides a server-side indexing service plus a web interface that queries the index and transfers data to an existing client web application. The server is domain independent, designed for configuration with a description of a data set to be indexed, the fields available in the index service, and the user interface. The index service can be invoked from any software in object-to-image-to-data workflows, or, FP-DataEntry's user interface can be integrated with an existing application with a bookmarklet or a small amount of code. After populating one or a few fields (e.g. collector name, collector number) in their native data entry application, the user invokes (in an iframe) the FP-DataEntry interface, which queries the index and retrieves potential matches, from which the user can select or edit values to conform with the paper records being transcribed. The selections are transferred back to form fields in the client. We have configured a server (with a client at Yale) for botanical duplicate information from the Northeast Vascular Plants project, another for lichen exsiccati, and others as demonstrations outside the biodiversity domain. FP-DataEntry is available from sourceforge and http://wiki.filteredpush.org/FP-DataEntry/