Specimens Full Circle SPNHC 2015: Day2 second session

TitleSpecimens Full Circle SPNHC 2015: Day2 second session
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2015
KeywordsSpecimens Full CIrcle SPNHC 2015
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10:30 Joining up for digitisation – a pilot project between Kew and the Natural History Museum Kew- Alan Paton, Sara Phillips, Elizabeth Woodger, et al. NHM - Sandy Knapp, Theresa Howard, Jonathan Gregson, Steve Cafferty, Jacek Wajer, Ben Atkinson

10:50 Inclusion of botany-naïve undergraduates in digitization workflows: it is possible!- Emily Gillespie

11:10 Digital Collections Programme: A structured approach to mass digitization- Ben Atkinson

11:30 Follow a Fossil Full Circle From Collection to Research to Outreach and Interpretation Through the Field Museum’s Silurian Reef Digitization Project- Paul Mayer