Small Herbaria Workshop Botany 2014: 8am - 10:15am

TitleSmall Herbaria Workshop Botany 2014: 8am - 10:15am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
KeywordsSmall Herbarium Workshop Botany 2014
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Welcome and Logistics- Gil Nelson

Intro to iDigBio- Pam Soltis

Introduction to SCNet and NANSH- Anna Monfils

Documenting the importance of small herbaria- Travis Marscio

The importance of and challenges to getting started- Ashley Morris

Steps for getting started with digitization program Include document itemizing the steps- Kari Harris

Digitized data and research: molecular, morphological and vouchered- Pam Soltis

Citizen Science, crowd sourcing, public participation and BioSpex- Libby Ellwood