Project Management Webinar One

TitleProject Management Webinar One
Publication TypeAdobe Connect Recording
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJennings, David
Secondary TitleThe Art and Science of Project Management
KeywordsProject management, Webinar
AbstractEffective project management requires a balance of technical skills (the "science") with people skills (the "art"). Technical skills include areas such as planning, estimating, measuring, and controlling. In contrast, people skills include areas such as leading, enabling, motivating, and communicating. Successful project managers are flexible in applying their knowledge and skills in both areas in the correct combination and proportion to keep projects moving forward. This session will provide an overview of the technical and artistic aspects of project management, including some strategies and tactics for adapting to situations and driving things forward.
Duration (Minutes)83
We are kicking-off the Project Management webinar series with an updated version of David's “The Art and Science of Project Management” presentation. This will prepare everyone for this year’s Summit where we will discuss practices/techniques that worked or didn’t work and brainstorm new approaches to consider. This webinar is REQUIRED for the three new TCNs and is highly recommended for all other TCNs. We recommend you send representatives that will be executing the project management functions for your TCN.