Poster: iDigBio as a Resource for the Digitization of a Billion Biodiversity Research Specimens

TitlePoster: iDigBio as a Resource for the Digitization of a Billion Biodiversity Research Specimens
Publication TypePR Materials
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPaul, Deborah L., Mast Austin R., Riccardi Gregory, and Nelson Gil
Date Published10/2013
PublisherBiodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) Conference 2013
Place Published
KeywordsEducation and Outreach, poster, TDWG 2013
AbstractIntegrated Digitized Biocollections, iDigBio, is an exciting new resource for discovery of vouchered museum specimen data integrated from hundreds of museums across the United States (US). Over 150 US museums, organized in groups called Thematic Collection Networks (TCNs), are busy digitizing data from millions and millions of specimens in order to create a database of fit-for-research-use data suitable for addressing grand challenge questions. iDigBio and the TCNs are funded by the NSF’s Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC) program. The ADBC is a collaboration between the Biological Sciences and Geosciences Directorates to fund the TCNs and iDigBio's hub to support the digitization activities and the online deployment of the integrated data at To address the costs, efficiency, and speed of digitization, iDigBio actively seeks to engage the broader community to work on discovering and disseminating best practices for current and future digitization efforts. iDigBio activities include sponsored workshops, conference participation, a community-derived wiki, and a website ( Our efforts focus on such topics as: addressing data standards, cyberinfrastructure development, digitization workflows, georeferencing, natural language processing (NLP), public participation, research using specimen data, education and outreach, and biodiversity informatics. iDigBio working groups welcome new members and we appreciate your input and suggestions for workshops, working groups, and our web site. Find out more at our poster session and at
NotesPoster at TDWG Abstract at TDWG
General poster, derived from a poster first presented at Botany 2012 by Austin R. Mast. Updated images and updated workshops for TDWG 2013 conference in Florence, Italy.