Organizing, Executing and Utilizing a Digitized Regional Herbarium

TitleOrganizing, Executing and Utilizing a Digitized Regional Herbarium
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMonfils, Anna
Keywordsdigitization, Education and Outreach, Herbarium, Visiting Scholar
AbstractThe iDigBio Visiting Scholars Program provides early career professionals an opportunity to explore a project and produce deliverables advancing collections digitization efforts. In her position as the 2012 Visiting Scholar, Anna Monfils was able to address three proposed foci: 1) advancing digitization efforts at the Central Michigan University Herbarium (CMC), 2) conducting a workshop to expand digitization efforts for regional collections in MI and the Great Lakes, and 3) developing an Interactive web based educational module integrating field, virtual and museum experiences. Anna will discuss the unique challenges, marked progress and lessons learned in the digitization of the CMC regional collection. Highlights and deliverables from the Small Collections Herbarium Workshop will be provided. Anna will introduce an educational module utilizing digitized herbarium records, place-based learning and TourGuide, an online tool for creating interactive virtual tours. In addition to the proposed foci, Anna will talk about “value added” items that have developed out of her iDigBio Visiting Scholar opportunity including significant institutional investment in the CMC collection, a collaborative proposal submitted to the Hanes Foundation to digitize 11 regional collections in Michigan, a partnership with iDigBio to assess student learning in collections digitization, participation in a writing workshop to produce a manuscript on the value of regional collections and iDigBio sponsorship of a BOTANY 2013 Symposium on broadening participation in the botanical sciences.