Leveraging Digitization: Tuesday 8:30am -10:30am

TitleLeveraging Digitization: Tuesday 8:30am -10:30am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
KeywordsLeveraging Digitization
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8:30am-8:40am Welcome, Logistics- Gil Nelson

8:40am- 8:50am Introduction to iDigBio- Gil Nelson

8:50am- 9:05am Expanding NIBA: New research coordination network in support of digitization- Rob Gropp

9:05am- 9:20am Digitizing policies, practices, innovations, and discoveries- Steve Dilliplane

9:40am-9:55am Challenges for small town, rural natural history collections- Mary Beth Prondzinski

9:55am-10:10am Challenges in database selection and design- Laura Brenskelle

10:10am- 10:25am Challenges to Digitization- Margaret Landis