The future of citizen science: emerging technologies and shifting paradigms

TitleThe future of citizen science: emerging technologies and shifting paradigms
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsNewman, Greg
Secondary AuthorsWiggins, Andrea, Crall Alycia, Graham Eric, Newman Sarah, and Crowston Kevin
JournalFrontiers in Ecology and the Environment
Start Page298
Date Published08/2012
Type of ArticleCitizen-Science Reviews
KeywordsCitizen Science, public engagement
AbstractCitizen science creates a nexus between science and education that, when coupled with emerging technologies, expands the frontiers of ecological research and public engagement. Using representative technologies and other examples, we examine the future of citizen science in terms of its research processes, program and participant cultures, and scientific communities. Future citizen-science projects will likely be influenced by sociocultural issues related to new technologies and will continue to face practical programmatic challenges. We foresee networked, open science and the use of online computer/video gaming as important tools to engage non-traditional audiences, and offer recommendations to help prepare project managers for impending challenges. A more formalized citizen-science enterprise, complete with networked organizations, associations, journals, and cyberinfrastructure, will advance scientific research, including ecology, and further public education.
Citizen-Science Reviews