Evidence of Evolution: Darwin’s Cabinet of Curiosities

TitleEvidence of Evolution: Darwin’s Cabinet of Curiosities
Publication TypeRecorded Presentation
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMiddleton, Susan
KeywordsPlenary Session SPNHC 2015, SPNHC 2015
AbstractDrawn from her book, “Evidence of Evolution”(Abrams), Susan Middleton’s presentation will take viewers into natural history museum collections, sharing her photographs of scientific specimens from the beautiful to the bizarre, which illustrate aspects of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Taxonomic specimens serve as the tangible evidence of evolution; they are endless repositories of meaning, limited only by our tools to perceive, and those tools are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. The specimens stay fixed while our understanding grows. As virtual reality predominates in our the modern era, the specimens remain real and authentic. Middleton uses her photographs of taxonomic collections to educate, inspire and delight the viewer.
Duration (Minutes)20