ECN 2014 Day 1: 8:30am- 10:15am

TitleECN 2014 Day 1: 8:30am- 10:15am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
Date Published11/2014
KeywordsECN 2014
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8:30 Welcome and Announcements- Pamela Horsely, Floyd Shockley, Christy Bills, Katrina Menard 

Session 1: Innovative Collecting Methods

8:40am Innovative Collecting Methods- Gavin Svenson, Hans Clebsch

9:00am Novel Collecting Techniques for Fireflies and other Bioluminescent Beetles- Marc A. Branham

9:20am Volatile attractants as a tool to collect cerambycids: ready for prime time- Anne Ray

9:40am Using buprestid monitoring tools for obtaining diverse collections of forest insects