ECN 2014 Day 1: 3:30pm- 5:10pm

TitleECN 2014 Day 1: 3:30pm- 5:10pm
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
Date Published11/2014
KeywordsECN 2014
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3:30pm Toward an online digital teaching collection of aquatic macroinvertebrates using interactive, gigapixel technology (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera)- John Wenzel, Marti Louw, John C. Morse

3:50pm Mobilizing Dark Data: Raising the Profile of Small Collections through Activities of the Small Collections Network (SCNet)- Gil Nelson and Christy Bills

4:10pm Got data? Need data skills? Check out Deborah Paul

4:30 pm The Fossil Insect Collaborative Year 2:data acquisition, publication, and use- Talia S. Karim, Dena M. Smith, Susan H. Butts, Alton Dooley, Michael S. Engel, Brian D. Farrell, David A. Grimaldi, Sam W. Heads, & Christopher A. Norris

4:50pm From pro tem to visibility: my 30 years managing the NMNH Pyraloidea Collection (Lepidoptera) M. Alma Solis

5:10 pm ECN BUSINESS MEETING Special Presentation:The Entomological Society of America’s Science Policy Initiative: Advocacy and Opportunities for Collections- Frank Zalom