DNA Banking for the 21st Century: A White Paper of Recommendations from the U.S. Workshop on DNA Banking

TitleDNA Banking for the 21st Century: A White Paper of Recommendations from the U.S. Workshop on DNA Banking
Publication TypeiDigBio White Papers
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsApplequist, Wendy L.
KeywordsDNA bank, research methods, Resources
AbstractThe report identified needs of the U.S. systematics and evolutionary biology research community related to DNA and tissue banking; these needs fall into three categories. Firstly, many institutions and collectors who could operate or provide samples to DNA banks are not aware of the importance of this practice or do not know how best to organize a bank or collect or store samples for the long term; they need ready access to reliable information and other sources of assistance. Secondly, researchers who might utilize these banks often have no easy way to know what samples are stored at other institutions; improved networking and access to sample databases are needed to facilitate increased use by researchers. Thirdly, if DNA banks are to continue to facilitate the conduct of highly informative research, their taxonomic coverage must continue to expand, including all major taxonomic groups and, to the greatest extent possible, multiple geographic regions. In the last category, it is particularly recommended that every named and recognized species occurring in the U.S. be made available in DNA banks to facilitate complete barcoding of the indigenous U.S. flora and fauna and all known invasive species, an effort that will require broad support from the biological research community.
A white paper that resulted from the DNA banking workshop that Grant Godden, Pam Soltis, and Doug Soltis attended in Jan, 2013. The symposium that iDigBio helped sponsor at Botany 2014 was related to this workshop and publication.