Digitizing from Source Materials, Day 2: 8:30am

TitleDigitizing from Source Materials, Day 2: 8:30am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
KeywordsDigitizing from Source Materials
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Participants divide into 5+ groups to flesh out small group topics from Day 1. (E.g. what to digitize, why digitize, workflows, workflows, workflows! - Michelle Koo (lead), 1 scribe appointed per group

Group 1: Define what we are digitizing.

Group 2: Why digitize components of workflow

Group 3: Conservation

Group 4: Materials Discovery

Group 5: Prioritization

Group 6: Metadata and standards

Group 7: Imaging data extraction product expected: Minimally an annotated outline and rough draft of a document from day 1 discussion by group