Digitizing from Source Materials, Day 1: 8:30am- 10am

TitleDigitizing from Source Materials, Day 1: 8:30am- 10am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
KeywordsDigitizing from Source Materials
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Welcome Twitter #-Tim White, Gil Nelson

Introduction to iDigBio- Gil Nelson

Workshop goals, overview, logistics- Time White, Rusty Russell

Defining source materials: Creating a reference point Synopsis of the survey and homework results. What are we digitizing? What are the criteria for primary source materials? - Rusty Russell, Michelle Koo, Margaret Landis

Group Discussion Discuss survey and homework data and what else is missing from the list of source materials currently being digitized? (Perhaps go around the table to the various collections and institutions represented)- Tim White, Dan Drew, Margaret Landis