Collections for the 21st Century Day1 8am-10:30am

TitleCollections for the 21st Century Day1 8am-10:30am
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2014
KeywordsCollections for the 21st Century Symposium
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Welcome and introductions: Larry Page-Director, iDigBio

Robert Gropp- Director Public Policy Office, Natural Science Collections Alliance

Doug Jones, Elise Le Compte- Local OLrganizer, spnhc 2015 meeting

I. Overviews

Scott Miller Smithsonian Institution- Why We Have Natural History Collections

Greg Riccardi- NIBA,ADBC and IDigBio: Transforming the Landscape,

II. Natural History Collections and Research

Pamela Soltis,FLMNH - Phylogenetics and Linking Molecular Data with Collections