UK SWANS Practical Digitization Workshop

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Participants at this event are staff caring for small and regional collections, essentially, non-national museum curators. This workshop will key in on ideas, models, and training for incorporating digitization at this level. The goals are to focus on practical recommendations that require very little in the way of additional budget or expertise where possible. Practical training may be offered in one or two key areas, for example, georeferencing, data standards, and review of recommendations based on the Five Task Clusters paper (Nelson, et al 2012). Future plans include repeating this event for other regional (non-national museum) UK curators. Sponsors of this event include the SWANS Southwest Area Natural Science Collections group, the UK Bristol City Council, Culture Team, and the NHM. Organizers include SWANS, the NHM and iDigBio.

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Start Date: 
Friday, March 09, 2018 (All day)
Bristol M Shed, Bristol, England