Terrestrial Parasite Tracker Data and Collections-Based Research

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Join the Terrestrial Parasite Tracker TCN for a webinar presenting updates from the TPT Research Advisory Board and other collaborators.

The TPT network has assembled a Research Advisory Board (RAB) in order to establish a process to maximize efficiency of digitization for the TCN and discover new opportunities for research and collaboration. The TPT RAB is comprised of researchers from both academic and non-academic institutions. This group helps define project goals, outcomes and develops conditions of research collaborations (e.g., how to handle data for student projects, sensitive data, meeting deadlines for grant proposals requesting data, publications, etc.). The TPT RAB also helps inform digitization priorities for various research projects and assists with communicating requests for digitization of particular taxon groups to the network.

This webinar will review the structure and goals of the TPT RAB while also introducing current and future research projects that will use data generated by TPT. For example, we will provide updates on several of the research projects moving forward, including a pilot project to determine if we can use AI to develop a field guide to aid in taxonomy of poultry lice. We will also provide updates on the TPT names list and compilation of other taxonomic resources. Additional projects include examining relationships with fire ants and the presence of ticks across the southeast, digitization and georeferencing, and discussions of goals for larger databases like GloBI and how the TPT is working to expand the use and utility of these large scale datasets. 

A recording of this webinar is available at https://vimeo.com/531437207.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT
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