Taxonomy and Biogeography of the Native Bees of Mexico

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Join Gerardo Quintos Andrade (Universidad Veracruzana) in a webinar presented by the Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN), Taxonomy and Biogeography of the Native Bees of México.

The knowledge of the native bees from México has been discussed for several centuries, however, there are many questions about the total knowledge of these, since there are still gaps in their study, at the level of taxonomic experts and in the approach to strategies for their conservation. In this talk, the approximate knowledge we have is discussed in a general way, as well as the problem with supporting the taxonomy, biogeography and ecology of these insects within the Mexican territory.

This work aims to take a step towards establishing collaboration between the world bee experts and the present and future students researching bees from México.

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Short bio of the presenter

Gerardo Quintos Andrade is a 22 year-old biology student at Universidad Veracruzana, un Xalapa, Veracruz, México. He is interested into the bee biodiversity, systematics and conservation of the Mexican taxa, his twitter blog "El chico de las abejas," founded in 2020, emphasizes the biodiversity and importance of native bees from Mexico. Since 2019 he has given several talks, interviews and participated in symposia concerning various aspects of bee conservation, diversity and taxonomy. He is also an accomplished scientifical Illustrator and bee photographer.

He recently organized an international symposium "Abejas y Sociedad" with bee researchers and publishers from Chile, UK, Spain, Colombia and Mexico, to examine the importance of the native bees in society and environmental pressures they are experiencing. Gerardo recently published his first paper about the behavior of Megachile saulcyi from Chile, where he described the use of plastic trash for nest building.

He is currently working on his thesis research about bee diversity in urban landscapes in Veracruz, and an additional project about orchid bees and cactus bees, collaborating with other bee researchers from Mexico.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm EDT
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