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Digitisation of Insect Collection at the British Museum of Natural History,, Blagoderov, Vladimir , (2015)
Georeferencing Introductions: Collaboration to Automation, Bloom, Dave , (2013)
Good and Bad Locality Descriptions, Bloom, David , (2014)
Georeferencing Calculator Example, Bloom, Dave , (2013)
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iDigBio GWG TTT 2: Day 1- 10:40 am to 12:30am, Bloom, Dave , (2013)
VertNet, Bloom, David , (2012)
VertNet-Data Quality and Issue Tracking, Bloom, David , (2013)
IDigBio Summit II: VertNet, Bloom, David , (2012)
IDigBio Summit II: Storage Discussion Session, Bloom, David , (2012)
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VertNet, Bloom, David , (2013)
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Invertebrate Zoology Workflow and Digitization with marine invertebrates, Bolick, Holly , (2014)
REAL WORLD CHALLENGES In Managing Data , Bolick, Holly , (2014)
Session 2-Teach Deep Time: stratigraphy and ecosystem change over time with Smithsonian collections, Bolton, Amy , Carr 221, (2015)
Session 1-Teach Deep Time: stratigraphy and ecosystem change over time with Smithsonian collections , Bolton, Amy , Carr 221, (2015)
Filtering out the noise: Data validation challenges and strategies in citizen science_Webinar, Bonter, David , (2015)
iDigBio Public Participation in Digitization of Biodiversity Specimens Workshop: Engaging the public in ornithological research: Lessons learned from 50 years of citizen science at Cornell, Bonter, David , (2012)
Session 2-Human Evolution, Boyer, Doug , Carr 221, (2015)
Session 1-Human Evolution, Boyer, Doug , Carr 221, (2015)
Creation of Virtual Collections Available to all Through the Use of, Boyer, Doug , (2015)
Paleo Imaging Workshop Day 3: Foram SEM image from workshop demonstration, Brandt, Danita , (2014)
Emergence of SCAN, Brantley, Sandy , (2013)
Reflections on imaging invertebrate specimens in alcohol, Brantley, Sandra , (2013)