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Theory: Complex primary biodiversity data, Paul, Deb, Masaki Derek, Russell Laura, and Shorthouse David , (2015)
Raw Data Cleaning, Validation and Enhancement: Using Open Refine, Paul, Deborah , (2015)
Hackathon Overview & Intro to iDigBio, Paul, Deborah , (2013)
Welcome and Introduction to iDigBio, Paul, Deborah L. , (2015)
Got metadata? GBIF Task Force on accelerating discovery of biological collections data, Paul, Deborah L. , Entomological Collections Network 2015, (2015)
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DataONE webinar: Assuring the quality of your data: A natural history collection community perspective, Paul, Deborah L., Seltmann Katja C., Russell Laura, and Bloom David , (2016)
iDigBio Nuts & Bolts: Workshops and Resources, Review and Stakeholder Input, Paul, Deb, and Nelson Gil , (2013)
iDigBio Nuts & Bolts: Workshops and Resources, Paul, Deb, and Nelson Gil , (2013)
Integrating Augmented OCR and Georeferencing in Natural History Collection (NHC) Digitization, Paul, Deborah , (2013)
Georeferencing (GWG) Working Group Update, Paul, Deborah, Bloom David, and Ellis Shari , (2012)
Georeferencing the past, present, and future, Paul, Deborah , (2014)
Uses for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Output, Paul, Deborah , (2014)
Herbarium Digitization: Overview and Guide to Resources, Paul, Deborah , (2014)
Sharing Data: Data Extraction and Identifiers, Paul, Deborah , (2014)
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Intro to iDigBio, Paul, Deb , (2014)
Exposing Data from Small Collections: common questions and some answers, Paul, Deb, and Rabeler Richard , (2014)
Sharing Data: Standards and Practice , Paul, Deborah , (2014)
Cleaning Validating and Enhancing Data with Open Refine, Paul, Deborah L. , (2013)
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iDigBio at Cisco Pit Stop: Digitising the Natural History Museum’s collections, Paul, Deborah L., and Riccardi Gregory , (2016)