Terrestrial Parasite Tracker Workshop: Best Practices and Standardization of Digital Data Capture

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The Terrestrial Parasite Tracker (TPT) TCN will be leading an invited two-day workshop in Chicago, IL for representatives of their TCN.

The goals for this workshop include:

-Providing tools for project management to participants in the TPT TCN, particularly in progress tracking and reporting.

-Sharing best practices among TPT participants in digitization workflows for scanning images, high resolution image capture, and data label transcription.

-Integrating biotic interactions and association data into workflows and how to work with GLoBI to create data linkages.

-Exposing individuals to Macropod Imaging demonstrations for use in TPT and future projects.

-Contributing to the Broader Impacts portion of the TCN by creating a Brain Scoop episode related to Parasite Tracker through the Field Museum.

The expected outcomes of the workshop are:

-Improved data standardization and optimization for uploading data within the TPT network.

-Increased knowledge of digitization workflows for arthropod parasites.

-Improved GLoBI linkages for datasets.

- Begin imaging phase for TPT after Macropod training.

- Content creation for citizen science and public outreach pertaining to Parasite Tracker.

Visit the workshop wiki page for more information. 

The planning team includes: Jen Zaspel (Milwaukee Public Museum), Petra Sierwald (Field Museum), Kat Sullivan (Milwaukee Public Museum), John Bates (Field Museum), Maureen Turcatel (Milwaukee Public Museum), Jill Goodwin (iDigBio), Gil Nelson (iDigBio)

Start Date: 
Monday, February 24, 2020 (All day) to Tuesday, February 25, 2020 (All day)
Field Museum