Technical Information

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iDigBio publishes standards and best practices for digitization that guide the vision of Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC). You can find information about specific techniques, software applications and community standards here.  

A library of bibliographic information about digitization from the broader biodiversity community. It contains links to resources such as: conference proceedings, scholarly journals, and presentations. Commenting is always available for our bibliography content.

This is a community-derived encyclopedia of information about digitization and ADBC. Contributions from the broader community are encouraged to grow this encyclopedia of digitization that iDigBio is maintaining. Anyone with an iDigBio account may edit this content at anytime.

Here you can engage the digitization community with threaded conversations about any topic or participate in conversations created by registered users of

Appliance Proposal
Submit one of 3 appliance proposals as part of our efforts to  team up with developers of tools that have demonstrated broad applicability in the collections community.

Workshop Proposal
Workshops are distinct meeting events, held either virtually or onsite, that focus on producing clear deliverables and addressing clear objectives. Workshops are typically supported by a working group.
Working Groups are small, enduring, topic-focused, collaborative groups of individuals (typically 10‐15 participants). Members of Working Groups collaborate virtually via the iDigBio Forum, Listservs, Wiki, Tele/Video-Conferencing and/or via onsite meetings to resolve issues and advance progress on the goals of the group.
Applications for workshops are accepted throughout the year. The iDigBio fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Normally, iDigBio schedules a maximum of 2 workshops per month. Already approved workshops take precedence and may limit the funding and/or scheduling availability for new workshops.
iDigBio recommends submitting workshop proposals at the earliest possible date.