Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting Small Collections in Biodiversity Digitization Initiatives

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Thu, 04/03/2014 - 10:17am -- suking

Half-Day Symposium (scheduled for June 25, 2014) at the SPNHC 2014 Annual Conference in Cardiff, Wales.

This half-day symposium, presented by iDigBio and the Small Collections Network (SCNet), will focus on strategies for recruiting, retaining, and sustaining small collections within local, regional, national, and international digitization initiatives. Those who would like to contribute to this symposium are invited to submit resentation abstracts. Abstracts may address one or more of the following themes, or may propose an alternative theme within the general scope of the symposium. Talks are expected to be 20 minutes long, inclusive of 5 minutes for questions. Current themes include (or alternative)


  • the importance of small collections as part of a national network of repositories of biodiversity data,
  • data-driven research underscoring the significance and contributions of small collections to biodiversity research and/or to the training of undergraduate and graduate students,
  • the role of intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration in sustaining and growing active small collections,
  • recommended or best practices for initiating and sustaining digitization in small collections,
  • current initiatives targeted to the support of small collections,
  • the role of larger collections in sustaining smaller collections,
  • issues, challenges, and methods for resurrecting orphaned collections,
  • the role a small collections network might play in the sustainability of small collections.

Those who would like to contribute to this symposium are invited to submit a proposal and abstract

Further details on this session can be downloaded from

For more information please contact the conveners of this symposium: Anna Monfils (Central Michigan University, USA) monfi1ak@CMICH.EDU, Gil Nelson (iDigBio, Florida State University, USA)

Start Date: 
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 (All day)
Cardiff Millennium Centre (Cardiff, Wales, UK)