Polygon Madness! Creating them, using them in research

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Hi Everyone,

At our recent Georeferencing for Research Use short course, we discussed at some length, the creation of polygons around geospatial coordinates for expressing uncertainty. One of our course goals was to investigate if researchers are using these polygons and how they are using them. If they are not using them, we wanted to understand more about why not. This webinar is a step toward bringing in the broader community to include more researchers in the conversation along with the staff who are often creating these, especially for legacy data.

Webinar: Polygon Madness!  Georeferencing using polygons greatly reduces locality uncertainty.  As a use-case, Michael Yost will walk through the protocols and best practices he's developed in drawing polygons around various localities.  Join us as we work together on polygon protocols and increase the utility of polygon locality data! If you're someone using these in your research - please come to share your thoughts and issues. If you're actively involved in creating these as you digitize legacy collections data, please share your insights too!

Presenter: Michael Yost, Macrofungi Collection Consortium (MaCC) Project Assistant at the Denver Botanic Gardens and active member of the iDigBio GWG.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST
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