Online direct import of specimen records from iDigBio infrastructure into taxonomic manuscripts

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Tue, 05/10/2016 - 2:08pm -- dpaul

GOOD News! If you'd like to hear this webinar again, or if you missed it, you're in luck...

Here's the RECORDING:

Pensoft and BDJ are looking for users, use cases, and collaborators for their new (revolutionary!) writing tool. Contact them for more information and to get started!

Abstract: The amount of biocollections data available for research is expanding at an astonishing rate. How can we speed up use of the data for knowledge discovery and new applications? How do we enhance and simplify the data citation process? How are Pensoft Publishers and the Biodiversity Data Journal streamlining the process of using biocollections data, and iDigBio specimen records in taxonomic publications? Note this import tool also works with specimen records from GBIF, BOLD ( and PlutoF ( Join us for an introduction to this publishing workflow, followed by a Demo.

See you Thursday June 16th! from 9 - 10 am EDT.

Presenters: Viktor Senderov - Marie Curie PhD Student at Pensoft, and Lyubomir Penev - Managing Directory and Founder of Pensoft Publishers,

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New Feature from Pensoft Publishers Streamlines Import of Specimen Records

"In a sense, the workflow will serve as a "cleaning filter" for portions of data that are passed through peer-review and are officially published. Thereafter, the published records can be confidently re-used for various purposes," comments Prof. Lyubomir Penev, Managing Director of Pensoft.

“This workflow has the potential to be a huge step forward in documenting use of collections data and enabling iDigBio and other aggregators to report that information back to the institutions providing the data." Larry Page, Director of iDigBio."

Original Press Release:

This webinar from a discussion at the recent Cisco Pit Stop on Digitizing the NHM's Collections, and by the iDigBio Data Management Working Group.

Image Caption: The image shows the Pensoft BDJ workflow for directly importing occurrence records into a taxonomic manuscript. Credit: Pensoft; Usage Restrictions: CC-BY 4.0

Start Date: 
Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 9:00am to 10:00am EDT
Pensoft and BDJ Offices, Sofia, Bulgaria
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