Managing Natural History Collections Data for Global Discoverability

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On September 15 - 17, please join us via Adobe Connect:
Deadline to Apply is May 1st, 2015.
Our workshop: Managing Natural History Collections Data fo Global Discoverability is the fourth in a series of biodiversity informatics worskshop at iDigBio. The theme of the Collections Data for Global Discoverability is ideally suited for natural history collections specialists aiming to increase the research readiness of their biodiversity data at a global scale.
  • Have you found yourself in situations where you need to manage larger quantities of collection records, or encounter challenges in carrying out updates or quality checks?
  • Do you mainly use spreadsheets (such as Excel) to clean and manage specimen-level datasets before uploading them into your collections database?
  • The workshop is most appropriate for those who are relatively new to collections data management and are motivated to provide the global research community with accessible, standards- and best practices-compliant biodiversity data.
During the workshop essential information science and biodiversity data concepts will be introduced (i.e., data tables, data sharing, quality/cleaning, Darwin Core, APIs). Hands on data cleaning exercises using spreadsheet programs and readily usable and free software will be performed. The workshop is platform independent, and thus will not focus on the specifics of one or the other locally preferred biodiversity database platforms, instead addressing fundamental themes and solutions that will apply to a variety of database applications.

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Application deadline is passed. But it will be possible to listen in remotely via Adobe Connect

30 participants are expected at the workshop. Some funds are available to offset travel and lodging costs. Admissions will take into account the applicant's fit with the workshop's theme and targeted (entry) level of prior experience.
Instructors and Organizers: Amber Budden (DataONE), Ed Gilbert (ASU, Symbiota), Nico Franz (ASU - host), Deb Paul (iDigBio, FSU), Greg Riccardi (iDigBio, FSU), Mark Schildhauer (NCEAS), and Katja Seltmann (TTD-TCN, AMNH), Anne Thessen (, Joanna McCaffrey (iDigBio), Kevin Love (iDigBio)

Keywords: data feedback and improvement, data models, relational database, copyright / intellectual property, data sharing, data lifecycle, assessing / facilitating data quality

Location: Arizona State University, Tempe (Natural History Collections Space);

When: September 15 - 17, 2015

Who is our audience? Data managers or anyone managing large or small data sets for research.
Workshop Co-Sponsors: iDigBio and Arizona State University

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Questions: Deb Paul,

This workshop is the fourth in a series of four biodiversity informatics workshops, collaboratively developed by the broader scientific and research community. You can check out the first three from the following links.

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Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 (All day) to Thursday, September 17, 2015 (All day)