Insights into Inselect Software: automating image processing, barcode reading, and validation of user-defined metadata

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Webinar: Insights into Inselect
When: Tuesday 29th March, 11 am EDT (4pm BST)
Presenters: Lawrence Hudson and Ben Price, Natural History Museum, London.


Inselect is an open-source application for Mac and Windows that can greatly simplify the challenges of dealing with images generated by museum digitization programmes.

The software combines image processing, barcode reading, batch processing and validation of user-defined metadata to offer a high level of automation. Inselect has been used by curators and digitizers within the Natural History Museum, London, to process in excess of 100,000 specimens so far and is presently being used by several institutions on pinned insects, microscope slides, paleontological specimens, dried sponges and other specimen types.

This webinar will give an overview of the software, how it can be integrated into existing workflows and a discussion of areas for development and possible future applications. The talk will be of interest to curators, digitizers and IT staff. Inselect is under active development - we are very excited to engage with the community and receive feedback and ideas.

Background reading

Contact for questions: Lawrence Hudson, Software Developer for Inselect l.hudson AT

From iDigBio: This webinar brought to you by the Inselect developers and the NHM as one outcome of a break-out group at the iDigBio Summit V on ideas for scaling up digitization.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 11:00am to 12:15pm EDT
Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
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