Imaging Workshop: Specimen Photography in Museum Collections

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What: Imaging Workshop: Specimen Photography in Museum Collections

Who: Hosted by PILSBRy TCN (Paul Callomon of ANSP), Invitation open

When: July 8th  8:30am HST/2:30pm EST.


Standard views for imaging mollusk shells -

A simple system for holding mollusk shells and other small objects for photography -

This work was created as part of a series on photographing natural history specimens in a workroom or laboratory, but it should be useful for any project that requires “record photography” of relatively small objects. That term defines the basic purpose of the image: to create the most objective possible representation of an object so that it can compared with other similar ones. It is hoped that this will prove a practical guide that assists museum workers in setting up programs to produce large numbers of high-quality images. Some basic photographic principles are explained and options for equipment and techniques are presented, with specific reference to digital cameras.

Based on this guide.

Start Date: 
Thursday, July 08, 2021 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm EDT
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