GSA2016: Fossil Specimens 0’s and 1’s - Databases, Standards, & Mobilization

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This session at GSA 2016 will focus on paleontology/geo databases, data standards related to paleontology, and mobilization of research-quality paleontology data to iDigBio and other aggregators. These topics have sparked considerable interest amongst the iDigBio Paleontology Digitization Working Group and are a natural extension of existing digitization programs. We hope to solicit presentations on: 1) uses of several common database systems (Arctos, Specify, and EMu), with a view toward presenting experience-based evaluations of these systems and the appropriateness of their schemas for storing and managing paleontology data; 2) examination of paleontology data schemas, with an emphasis on potential Darwin Core extensions, to include a report from the paleontology data interest group, a subdivision of the iDigBio Paleontology Digitization Working Group; 3) schemas by which leading biodiversity data aggregators, including GBIF and iDigBio, store and process fossil data, including standards and strategies for contributing data to iDigBio; 3) schemas, standards and strategies by which biodiversity data aggregators, such as GBIF and iDigBio, store and process contributed paleontology data; 4) issues in storing and visualizing 2D, 3D, and CT data; 5) importance of and strategies for ensuring data quality in support of biodiversity research; 6) recording, georeferencing, storing, and visualizing deep-time and modern collecting localities; 7) the use of Digital Asset Management Systems; and 8) sharing approaches to fossil data advances and challenges in the Smithsonian NMNH Department of Paleobiology. 

See the presentations on the Fossil Specimens 0's and 1's Wiki.

Start Date: 
Monday, September 26, 2016 - 6:00am to 10:00am EDT
2016 GSA Annual Meeting